Akari takes new heights in partnership with PNVF and VNL

Akari is not new to advancing Philippine sports. Since 2016, the Company has supported Adamson University’s men’s basketball, girls’ and women’s volleyball teams and the pep squad. In 2019, it again backed up the 2019 Collegiate Conference champs ADU Lady Falcons in the Premier Volleyball League. 

Three years later, the Company took a leap in the pros, forming its own professional team – the Akari Power Chargers. Then just last year, it sealed a partnership with the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF), committing to help fund the women’s volleyball national team.   

This year is no different as Akari is once again lending its hand not only to PH volleyball. Now, it’s linking up with the biggest international volleyball league in the world outside the Olympics – the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) – happening from July 4 to 9, 2023 at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

With this, PNVF President Ramon “Tats” Suzara has been grateful to Akari for its willingness to answer the call for local and international volleyball anytime.

“From day one when Akari made known its passionate desire to get involved in volleyball, it was a welcome development, especially with the PNVF gaining an enviable tag as the most active national sports association—even when the pandemic has yet to totally wane. Akari was there last year, sharing its desire at first to help the national women’s team to forming its own squad in the domestic league and now, showing its enthusiastic support to the VNL. VNL has its own set of global partners, already considered as icons in the volleyball marketing world. At home, we have Akari, a brand that has become a household name.  Thanks to the commitment vow of support from Akari — Akari Owner Mr. Christopher Tiu and Akari Sports Director Russel Balbacal — the VNL and Philippine volleyball will definitely benefit from Akari’s unbending support.” -Tats Suzara

By teaming up with the PNVF and the VNL, Akari Chargers’ Team Manager Ravena shared that the company not only wants to grow the sport from the amateurs to the pros, but also to bring the high-level volleyball league closer to Filipino fans. 

“Akari has always been a believer in achieving one’s dream through sports, from the grassroots level to the prof level. Now, with the VNL happening here in Manila, Akari is going a notch higher in helping stage and bring to our volleyball loving country volleyball games at it’s finest. Being a supporter of the National Team, Akari’s vision is not only for the improvement of the sport and its players, but also shares the passion of the Filipino volleyball fans,” Ravena said

Not just that, the Company wants the PH volleyball fans to enjoy a volleyball show like no other. 

“By supporting the PNVF in bringing VNL here in the Philippines, Akari is actually promoting the sport in the best possible way. We all get to experience high volleyball competition and in terms of entertainment, the biggest volleyball show aside from the Olympics,” she added.

Through this partnership, the Akari Chargers team manager is confident that the country’s grasp of the sport will only make our brand of volleyball better as we make our way to the international stage.

“When you get to experience watching VNL games, our knowledge of the sport becomes wider and the understanding for the games becomes better. A lot of learning but of course a lot of entertainment as well. As for PH volleyball, we can now see where we are in terms of skills and areas we need to work on, so that one day, we can play in bigger stages,” she said. 

Suzara echoed Ravena’s statement, also mentioning that with Akari’s aid, the country’s national volleyball teams will be at a world-class level eventually. 

“Volleyball no doubt is the second most popular team sport in the country. With the PNVF bringing to local soil international competitions—such as the AVC Cup and this Volleyball Nations League, the Filipino fans’ approach to the sport has transformed from domestic to high-level and elite action. And Akari’s commitment and idealism to help promote volleyball and the VNL have come hand-in-hand with the PNVF’s goal of sooner or soon, if not later, making the Filipino volleyball player world-class,” said the PNVF President. 

With the continuous growth of volleyball in the country, Ravena guaranteed that Akari’s support is just getting started. When an opportunity to help PH volleyball comes, the Company will always be ready to lend a hand.

“Akari for years now has become a steady supporter of volleyball in HS, collegiate, pros and the NT, and we are not stopping to look for areas where we can help,” she assured.

And for Suzara, there is no doubt that Akari will be instrumental in inspiring the aspiring Filipino players to reach for their dream of not just playing locally, but also globally. 

“Akari is now the country’s No. 1 in the lighting industry and with its vast reach and network—through its marketing arms all over the country, the VNL appeal will be propagated nationally, to think that although our national team is not a participant in this prestigious and world-class league, the VNL, through Akari, will boost local aspiring players to aim for world-class action,” he said.