Chargers’ victory also a win for rescued cats and dogs in pet shelter

Chargers’ victory also a win for rescued cats and dogs in pet shelter

It was raining food for cats and dogs.

When the Akari Chargers recorded a memorable victory over the Choco Mucho Flying Titans last year, the company decided to donate money to a pet sanctuary and shelter.

Behind a history-making performance by Prisilla Rivera, the Chargers outlasted the highly-favored Flying Titans in a gripping five-setter.

With hundreds of Akari employees in attendance, the ladies in magenta dug deep from their bag of tricks to record what was easily the most surprising victory of the 2022 PVL Reinforced Conference.

Thus, the team decided to make a donation for every triumph they accomplish in the PVL.

Their first recipients? The MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in Morong, Rizal — a privately funded shelter that gives animals another chance to live.

Team captain Mich Cobb, herself a pet lover and advocate, personally handed the donation to MBY proponent Ms. Marita, with hordes of dogs and cats surrounding them in the area.

“It was heartwarming to be part of something like this,” said Cobb, who has rescued a couple of stray dogs recently. “To be able to help them in this way inspires us to push harder and do better.”

According to Cobb, Ms. Marita sold her house to build the pet shelter and actually lives there with approximately 1,000 dogs and cats they have rescued.

“Sometimes the rescues don’t get to eat for days due to lack of funds for food,” the setter added. “But we hope through this, we help them get through and inspire others to do the same.”