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Meet your Chargers: Michelle Cobb

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Get to know our team captain, Michelle Cobb, in this episode of Meet the Chargers.

Meet your Chargers: Rachel Jorvina

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All the way from Canada, Rachel Jorvina is set to conquer Philippine volleyball not just with her skills, but also […]

Meet your Chargers: Jaja Maraguinot

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Jaja Maraguinot opens up about her life and more in this episode of #MeetTheChargers.

Meet your Chargers: Chiara Permentilla

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Fighting back from injury and adversity, Chiara Permentilla hopes to rebuild her once-promising volleyball career with the company that has […]

Meet your Chargers: Geneveve Casugod

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Geneveve Casugod has always been the silent type, but in this episode of #MeetTheChargers, she opens up about her college […]

Meet your Chargers: Bingle Landicho

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Always a ball of fun and energy, Bingle Landicho talks about her NU career, her life plans, and some crazy […]

Meet your Chargers: Jamie Lavitoria

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Akari setter Jamie Lavitoria professes her love for Jollibee and talks about a ‘wild’ incident with her closest friends in […]

Meet your Chargers: Jhoana Maraguinot

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Jhoana Maraguinot talks about love, happiness, and her favorite BTS song in this episode of #MeetTheChargers.
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