Amidst missing the services of Michelle Cobb in last night’s game vs Chery Tiggo, head coach Jorge Souza de Brito pulled off a trick he had under his sleeves — and that was libero-turned-setter Dani Ravena.

Serving as backup to starting setter and team captain Jaja Maraguinot, Ravena stepped up to the plate and showed her versatility on the volleyball court.

This might have come in as a shock to the fans, but according to the former Lady Eagle, the shift to playmaking didn’t surprise her as she already played as a setter in college and in Akari practices. There were jitters, yet she was ready.

“Siyempre naman at first I was a bit nervous but I’m kinda used to it since college palag naman as a setter and I know na I ‘ve been training for it in Akari na kahit libero ako I also set, so it was not a really big deal for me,” Ravena said.

Nevertheless, the 5-foot-6 libero had her teammates to thank for because as well-prepared as she was, her teammates were willing to adjust for the best of the team.

“I’m very fortunate enough na my teammates adjusted to my sets and lahat kami nag-teamwork lang and I know naman na we tried our best,” she said.

Asked about what coach Souza de Brito told her prior to the game, Ravena revealed that Brazilian coach did not say anything special — and that showed the trust he had in her. To add, the defensive specialist once more highlighted that volleyball is a team sport. Even through unexpected challenges, the Chargers would maximize on what they have to get past the obstacles together.

“Wala kasi I feel like he trusts me rin. Nakikita niya naman na nagseset talaga ‘ko and it’s second nature to me. Again, I’m just very fortunate na nag-adjust din sakin yung teammates ko and yun nga volleyball is a team effort even if may surprises along the way na hindi namin talaga ginusto or nachallenge pa kami lalo. Mas inisip pa namin how we’ll make the most out of it, how we’ll overcome the challenge together as a team,” Ravena said.

Coming in as a double substitute with Dindin Santiago-Manabat, Ravena came in and contributed as much as she could, leading the Chargers’ run in some points of the game.

Despite the bitter loss, the Charger libero believed that the team just proved that they can go toe-to-toe with the top teams in the league. One area they need to address in practice though is their maturity during the payoff stretch of the game, and they will get there, for as long as they work hard as a group.

“Siguro yung silver lining na lang is nakita namin na kaya naman pala. It’s about the endgame na lang siguro na kailangan namin to work on but again it’s a process and we just have to help each other more, help ourselves individually and together as a team so we’ll show again the progress in no time,” she said.

Fans won’t be seeing Setter Dani all the time, but one thing is for sure: she constantly works on it in practice and someday, it will bear fruit. However, she still would want Cobb’s return sooner than later.

“Eventually naman we’ll really get the hang of it but hopefully ate Mich will recover in time for Saturday’s game,” she said.

Taking different roles for the team, especially when an athlete is not used to it, is a difficult task. Yet for the youngest Ravena, she will do anything the team asks of her to achieve their goal. Libero? Service Specialist? Setter? Name it, she’ll do it. Her flexibility and willingness to sacrifice for Akari’s greater good make her a winner.

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