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Coach Air Padda feeling good about her girls

“It feels great,” says Adamson University head coach Air Padda of her squad’s improvement.

Padda and her Lady Falcons are in the thick of preparations for UAAP Season 80 and, so far, her squad is off to a dazzling stretch. Adamson recently bagged the trophy in the inaugural Akari Cup tournament and now are racking up victories in their other pre-UAAP tourneys.

The Lady Falcons mentor owes it all to the games her team has played in over the past couple of weeks. “The number one thing is we’ve been playing consistently every weekend for the last month and a half,” says Padda. “I think you can’t really put a price on it. It’s like the best way to grow your team and get comfortable and to build trust is to play with them.”

According to her, it’s birthed significant progress from her team. “I feel like our blocking’s gotten better, our defense– our defense is a lot cleaner– and most importantly I think the unity within the team, it’s at another level than it was before we played in our last tournament.” Padda notes.

To add to that, with the return of injured Queen Falcon Jema Galanza in the fold and with the rejoining of Mylene Paat to the Adamson program and their preparations for the UAAP season, Padda realizes how most of the volleyball community’s buzz will now be on Adamson. “This year I know everyone’s talking about us because we got Fhen (Emnas) back, Jemma– you know she’s our top player– having Mylene, having Eli (Soyud).”

But, even with the big-name returnees, Padda says don’t expect her team to be complacent. Instead, she says, their preparations will be upped another level higher.

“It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work hard because when you have all these great players, the key to making them successful is to work together,” Padda notes. “Having them in training is gonna make everyone go harder.”

“And I’m excited.”

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