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An open letter to the UAAP from Adamson’s first Filipino president

The basketball game between the Adamson Falcons and the La Salle Green Archers on November 18, 2017, was a beauty to behold and an experience to cherish. But why should the UAAP or the fans of both teams allow the referees to decide the contest?

I thoroughly enjoyed the game or the dogfight for the innovative and inventive moves of players and coaches alike? But why destroy it by bad officiating?

As some have mentioned “it was one of the worst officiated games.” Imagine 39 fouls called against Adamson and only five against de la Salle? The result: 26 free-throw points for La Salle and only two for Adamson. Guess who will win if you give a team one-fourth of their score by just blowing a whistle?

The beauty and entertainment value of the game between the Adamson Falcons and the De La Salle Green Archers are seldom mentioned. But it was in that game, that a fan like me, continue to be impressed by the developmental aspects of training and coaching.

The ball movements of the Falcons were superior, the creative three-pointers of Manalang were amazing, the cool shooting of Ahanmisi was something to behold, the quick hands of Pingoy were quick for steals, the power of Mbala deserved the MVP, the coolness of Rivero has to be appreciated. But why was the game destroyed? Because the referees were so uneven in their calls.

But why destroy it by poor officiating? You know the answer. What are you going to do about it?

— A UAAP basketball fan


Fr. Rolando Dela Goza, C.M, is the first Filipino president of Adamson University.

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